Every working person needs a good pickup truck, and when it comes to trucks, the people at Ford know their stuff. One of the most iconic models Ford has given the people of Blue Ridge is the Ranger. The new 2019 Ford Ranger model continues to offer all the things we've come to expect from the Ranger, but it has some additional perks that will delight you on your trips through Murphy, NC and beyond.

Ford is known for being an automaker that cares and shows this care by building powerful vehicles at affordable prices. The Ranger proves to be another example of this trend. We know that it is hard to find a good deal on a vehicle you want. Our Ford finance department works hard to make sure you get a vehicle with payments that match your budget, and this task will be even easier with the new Ford Ranger. We have a lot of options and deals for you to consider for your Dawsonville excursions.

Trucks are known to be gas guzzlers. It does make sense because they often pack powerful engines, but more people have been wanting a truck with better fuel economy. People Blairsville and elsewhere are going to be surprised to find out that Ford has been able to deliver on that. You can expect up to 26 miles per gallon from this truck, which is a respectable number compared to other similar models. You get to travel long distances without worrying about how much gas you may be using up. Of course, when you are towing something heavy, the amount of miles you get per gallon may drop a bit, but this is still a step forward that we are sure some of you might appreciate.

The Ranger is also ready to go with you wherever you need to go. As you probably guessed, the Ranger is definitely ready to handle any condition, but it can do so with a little more precision; for example, the Ford truck comes with the Terrain Management System. This system comes with a few modes to help you gain traction, no matter the road conditions in Ellijay. Those who are driving over tall grass would just choose grass, while those driving over snow would simply press snow. There are a few other options, and they all make the Ranger a more efficient off-road truck.

The truck even comes with a full steel front bash plate to help protect the carriage from gravel and other harmful debris you might find as you go off-road. These are just some of the features you can find on the Ranger that will make off-road driving better.

Ford has taken safety up to the next level. Every year, more vehicles continue to showcase a new safety feature that is meant to make drivers a bit safer on the streets of Dahlonega. This is great news because the roads can be dangerous at times, so having a little tech assistance as you drive couldn't be a bad thing. The Lane Keeping System is something we think is pretty good because it helps keep you in your lane, even if you start to drift. People make a drifting mistake all the time. The situation could put you and others in danger, but this vehicle can monitor your driving and warn you if you are about to drift into another lane.

The truck also comes with pre-collision assist, which is another system that helps reduce your chances of being in a collision by warning if you are getting too close to a car in front of you. The system will alert you, giving you enough time to brake safely.

These are just some things we think would entice you about the new Ranger, but we know you can be impressed even further if you give the Ranger a test drive. Come to Blue Ridge North Georgia Ford  or contact us via our online form to get inside the durable Ford Ranger pickup soon!

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