While leasing a new Ford car, truck, or SUV has become a popular option among our Blue Ridge, Murphy, NC, and beyond drivers, it can be quite confusing. There are a lot of new car financing terms, many rules, and a long list of options from which you can choose, especially when it's time to return your Ford lease. To help our Dawsonville and Dahlonega area drivers, we've come up with the answers to some of the most common end-of-lease questions.

What Happens at the End of a Ford Lease?

When the time comes for your lease to end, you'll have to choose between three options: end your lease, purchase your lease, or lease or loan a new vehicle. To make this decision, you'll want to schedule an appointment with the finance team. You'll discuss each option in detail and, once you've decided, will begin the rest of the returning process.

If you're returning the leased vehicle, the next step is to have it inspected and repaired if necessary. Excess wear and use items can cost you a pretty penny in wear and tear fees, so be sure to have anything damaged fixed before you return your vehicle. You'll also want to check your mileage to discover if it's past your agreed-upon mileage limit.

Next, empty your vehicle of all personal items. Make sure to check the glove box, trunk, and any other hidden compartments! You'll also want to ensure that all items that came with your vehicle, such as floor mats, the owner's manual, and all keys and key fobs, are placed inside your car.

Once the date arrives, bring your vehicle to the dealership and finish the final paperwork.

Can You Return a Ford Lease to Any Dealership?

Yes! A leased Ford can be returned to almost any Ford dealership across the U.S. Some exceptions do apply, so make sure to contact the Ford dealership of your choice before you arrive. Here at Blue Ridge North Georgia Ford, we accept any Ford lease, whether we leased it to you originally or not.

What are my Options When my Car Lease Ends?

Most leases have three end-of-lease options. These are:

  • End Your Lease - If you're looking to end your lease and walk away, simply finalize the paperwork and return your vehicle.
  • Purchase Your Lease - If you want to buy your leased vehicle, talk with our team to discover your buyout price.
  • Lease or Loan a New Ford Vehicle - If you'd like to purchase or lease a different Ford vehicle, discuss your options with our team.

Can You Negotiate a Ford End of Lease Buyout?

Yes! Everything is negotiable, even if it's been decided before your leasing term agreement.

Contact Blue Ridge North Georgia Ford with Your End of Lease Questions

If you have any questions about your end of lease options, don't hesitate to contact our Blue Ridge North Georgia Ford dealership. Our team of finance experts would love to help any of our Blairsville or Ellijay area drivers with your Ford lease return today!

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